Email Marketing

Email Marketing


A professionally designed emailer and e-newsletter works wonder even for a small business.

It is well proven a fact that newsletter plays a crucial role in building & leveraging a brand image and also developing the business volume alongside. This is why large organizations worldwide have made it a practice to bring out newsletters at a regular interval. And when it comes to e-newsletter, it not only retains all the advantages of a conventional newsletter, but offers more advantages than the printed counterpart. The result, it turns out to be a far superior media vehicle.

Bringing out a printed newsletter of its own is not a viable proposition for organizations of all size and stature. Especially if you consider the resources and time required to bring out, and carry on with a printed newsletter at regular interval.

This is where the E-Newsletter plays a great role. Not only as a substitute of printed newsletter. But offers you more additional advantages.

Cost advantage – The e-alternative of having a printed newsletter does away with hassles of paper, printing, binding, handling and logistics. Hence, all these costs are discarded right in the beginning.
Interactivity – As against the conventional printed newsletter, E-newsletter enables the clients and prospects to seamlessly interact with the information. Hence, turns it into a perfect vehicle for both internal and external corporate communication.
Immediacy – The basic purpose of a newsletter is to promote your saleability by making your customers keep abreast of the latest news, products and services that your company has to offer. Despite maintaining a strict deadline a printed newsletter cannot always accommodate the latests out of your stable. Blame it on the processing time, which is very minimal in e-newsletter/e-mailer. And due to online interactive facility it can give you immediate results in terms of order procurement, or sales realization.

Periodicity – It may not be economically viable to increase the frequency of publication of a printed newsletter. But with HTML newsletter/e-mailer you can do it as often as you please without considering the cost & other constraints.
Need for professional touch

To help your HTML newsletter/emailer derive its full potential as a vehicle of cross-platform sales opportunities, you need to give it the requisite professional touch. The touch that we at AceofNet can provide you with all our ready resources and rich experience.

HTML conversion
Well, may be you already have started with a newsletter publication, but yet to catch up with the e-version because of certain apprehensions. You don’t need to fret about it. We are here to help you out with an e-version at an unbelievable price. We will convert your existing Newsletters into professionally designed Web-ready format. Just to help you exploit the immense potential of this new media vehicle.

If you already have all the material and layout in mind for the Newsletter, we can convert your existing layout and content into an HTML formatted Newsletter, E-mailer or PDF (Portable Digital Format) Newsletter for cross-platform distribution.

Why Us?
Engaging Cotent: We can create well professionally structured, well organized & well edited newsletter with customized sales pitch along with informative content. So it inspires readability and goes well in generating credibility of the content.

High impact design: Once the matter is decided, we start working on the lay out and graphics. We provide a motley alternative of professionally designed high-impact HTML-templates to choose from.

Confidentiality: We work for your e-newsletter/e-mailer in compliance with highest possible confidentiality standards.

Option to share Server space: Our e-newsletter/e-mailer can also help you do away with the hassles of booking costly server space and maintaing it. We can provide you space in our own server wherein you will store your images etc.

The result, you get a e-newsletter/e-mailer that shows quality & class both in terms of aesthetics & functionality while utilzing minimal resources at the reader’s end.