Name Card Design

First impression lasts long...
More Than Just a Card
Make a powerful statement with custom name card design

A Name card, a Business card, or an Invitation card, there’s always a common thread. On the face each of them communicates the intimation they are meant to be given. But, the lurking agenda is to leave behind an image. The image that reflects the taste & temperament of the individual/organization that it represents. The image that is projected by its overall look & feel.

So, the better the image, the longer it is likely to last. And this is the key factor in designing these coporate identity stationery.

With a Name card/Business card what you achieve is not just a name display, but an impression of a brand. An impression of how much care and detail you put in every aspect of your business. We also design digital name card, email signature card which is very nische marketing tool of modern time.

Yet, not all do well in making an impression at all. And a very limited few can make the impression last long.

Designing to make impressions last long…
We at AceofNet are sensitive to all these factors. And we create designs with a discern so the stuff stands out in the crowd.

We understand that business cards are a great promotional tool, and feel that they’ve got to be eye-catching and appealing. Yet, a spectrum of jazzy display alone may have an Wow! effect. But they don’t score good in making a professional impact that may be cherished & nurtured for long. The home-truth is, most of these cards fail to serve even the purpose they are meant for. That is depicting the association of an individual with a brand.

Need for professional touch
This is why effective and impressive name cards/business cards need be designed by qualified & experienced professionals. The professionals who can do it in a better and superior way – aesthetically, and intellectually.

Why AceofNet
We at AceofNet adopt an integrated design approach for Name cards/Business cards. This implies that every component of design is implemented in line with the existing brand image of your organization.

From selection of backround, typography, graphics components, to overall layout, everything is integrated into a single platter.

We want to ensure that the card content does not simply highlight the node at which the individual is mapped with your organization. At the same time it takes care of projecting the overall image, of which the individual is a part.

Thus, it never appears to be an off-the-shelf gaudy display of an individual identity having no consistency with your brand image.

Turn the ‘ace’ Advantages to your benefit:
Cost advantage – To make it cost effective, we suggest designs in tune with your exact requirements and taking care of your budgetary provisions.
For instance, if you go in for a one-sided printed card it will be a super cost-saver, but never falling short of the orginal purpose.

Great Variety – Having own a design studio of our own we have got a ready-to-roll-out variety in both American standard size & International Business standard size: from the clean, simple, sleek and smart looking types, to the most elegantly illustrated, artsy, out-of-the-box concepts for name cards/ business cards.

Specific Skillset – We at AceofNet have a team of qualified designers with art-college background, and experience in creating professionally designed name cards / business cards for some of the leading corporate houses.

Faster Turn-around time – Different designers are assigned with your project. Simultaneous execution produces a boquet of designs with faster response times. So it helps you save on the time front as well.

High Quality Deliverables – The ready-to-print name card / business card files come in different variations (b/w, bi-color / four-color, and also in reduction tests), .pmd / .jpg / .tif / .gif / .cdr / .psd. or in any other format & resolutions (generally 300 ppi at 100% of the dimensions). We also suggest on the type of paper surface (e.g. full glossy, semi-gloss, or matte, hand-made) that would showcase the card in a better way.

Free Value added ideas – We also provide value added suggestion to turn this marketing smart into a multi-utility (media)
vehicle. As a billboard, or a notepad, a referral or an information card and so on.

Just let us know
You’re most welcome to pick & choose from the readily available design templates for name cards/ business cards. Or, you can ask for a whole new set of freshly designed custom-made cards. The choice is yours.

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